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About us

       Taicang Ming Hao precision mold factory was established in March 2005, is located in Taicang City, Jiangsu Province, Lu Du.

       As a Chinese manufacturer of precision mold development, Taicang Hao Ming has been committed to promoting the development of China's mold industry of precision tungsten steel, cold heading domestic precision cold extrusion, hot forging technology, Die, Die leader in the field of automotive fasteners and leading manufacturers.

       Taicang Ming Hao insist on quality first, the purpose of "quality, innovation, service" concept, is one of our most valuable assets. As an industry leader, Taicang Ming Hao has experienced technical and management team as well as industry-leading precision equipment, with its superior product quality and excellent service to win the trust of customers and praise. Companies can independently design and manufacture and sale of various types of cemented carbide (WC) mold.

       Taicang Ming Hao team always put customer satisfaction first. We deliver innovative products and highly integrated solutions that enable customers to get the best return on investment. We seek through technology and manufacturing solid growth, increased productivity and innovation, and strive to build technology-based, innovation-oriented enterprises, in order to continue moving forward.

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